Saturday, November 9, 2013

Out Items

Some items from our Menu:

Assorted Cake Tray ( includes Saffron Velvet Cake, Tofu Souffle Cake and Matcha Green tea Cake on a long mirrored tray)

Match Green Tea Cheesecake with Oreo Base and Black and White Sesame praline

Matcha Green Tea Cake with White Chocolate Ganache

Nutella Sea Salt Cookie

Saffron Velvet Cake with Saffron Infused Cream Cheese Icing
Tofu Souffle Cake with Raspberry Coulis

Turtle Cookie( Chocolate Cookie with crushed hazelnuts and gooey caramel center)
Assorted Cronuts box- 2 Vanilla (vanilla cream with sugar), 2 Saffron ( saffron cream with safrron cake crumbs) and 2 Rose Muhalabiya ( Pudding) with pistachio

Cold Cheesecake, with Caramel and Whole Wheat Maamoul (date biscuit)

Rose Muhalabiya Cronut with pistachio ( Rose infused pudding rolled in pistachio sugar)

Vanilla Cronut ( Cronut filled with vanilla bean infused cream and rolled in sugar)

Vanilla Cronut

White Chocolate and Saffron Panna Cotta (with surprise_ Saffron and Cardamom Vermicelli at bottom of each cup)